Reflexology channels healing energy through the hands of a practitioner to the client’s body to restore and balance

Our method helps:

Promote healing

Our wellbeing treatments offer a small, energetic prompt to the body – restoring homeostasis and balance.

release blockages

Energy therapies release areas of blocked Qi – stimulating organ function and promoting health.

balance body chemistry

Meditation and movement influence the body’s biochemical responses – via the nervous system.

Our Reflexology sessions

Reflexology + 5 Elements

Price: from 150€

Lie down, relax and unwind. This powerful combination of Reflexology and the 5 element healing methods, help to clear energy along the body’s meridian pathways – releasing tension, influencing vital energy flow and activating the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Fertility Reflexology

Price: from 150€

Learn to soften and open the body to the possibility of receiving. Using the breath and postures to open blockages restricting the flow of blood, lymph, nerve and Qi, we work to balance the hormones by addressing both physical issues and the emotional.

Reflexology pre+postnatal

Price: from 150€

Relax into a meditative state with a session adapted especially for your pregnancy needs. We offer a thorough consultation that draws on a variety of modalities to open, balance & align your body – so you feel stronger and more confident at birth.


Kids Reflexology

Price: on request

This powerful tool helps calm and regulate children’s overactive nervous systems, and helps smooth transitions. Free 15 minutes with any adult booking.

Face Reflexology + Gua Sha

Price: from 150€

Each treatment is tailor-made to suit your individual needs. This fabulous treatment detoxifies your skin and helps improve circulation in the face and body .


Price: from 200€

Health is an integration and balance between Yin Yang, using my knowledge of Chinese medicine including medical qigong and reflexology  I offer a tailored massage using acupressure, essential oils and gua sha.

Our Movement sessions

Signature Yoga Session

Price: from 140€

Enjoy a sequence of classical readjusted Yoga poses, tailored to your needs. The 5 senses and breathwork harmonise your flow before finising in Savasana (rest pose) with a deeply relaxing mini Reflexology session.

Reformer Pilates + Stretch

Price: from 150€

Fire up your core with a tailored Pilates session. We will work on strength, mobility and flexibility as well as increasing the heart rate with some cardio. Compact equipment such as weights, and a pilates specific elastic band and ball may also be used.

Yin Yoga / Yoga Nidra

Price: from 140€

Enjoy a Yin class to release physical, mental and emotional stress. These passive supported stretches encourage the parasympathetic nervous system to activate. Our Yoga Nidra class is an immensely powerful guided meditation.


Price: 120€ private or 35€ group session

Join our live-online Qigong class with master and teacher Dr Jeff Lan. Leave feeling healthy and vibrant from the inside out. Deep breathing, stretching, strengthening, gentle movements and mental intention will significantly improve your health and wellbeing. 

Pregnancy Yoga / Pilates

Price: from 150€

Join a gentle, nurturing and supportive class to strengthen your nervous system and increase your stamina. Practice birthing postures and train the body to enter into deep relaxation. We cover topics like leg cramps, lack of sleep and indigestion.

Monkey Mind Tamer - for Kids

 Our breath is a super power that lives inside us. We can learn to access it to feel calm and settled at anytime. Learn super power Yoga and Qigong postures to manage and approach unpleasant feelings in a calm, confident and loving way.

Kind words

  • Keah has been practicing Pilates and Yoga with me for over 6 years. I find her classes excellent. She is thorough and disciplined in her approach and has a wonderful, peaceful manner. I cannot recommend her more highly.”

    Rose Heyman
  • “Keah is a healer. Pure and simple. She’s the most excellent reflexologist I’ve ever met. She totally rebalances me and works on all areas I need, and more amazingly, those that I don’t even tell her about. She’s so sensitive she picks up on all of it.”

    Tamara Arbib - Rebel Kitchen
  • “Keah is the most wonderful, relaxing, spiritual therapist I know. I started seeing her many years ago before my children were born, throughout both pregnancies and now, as often as I possibly can.”

    Leo Bamford - MYBABA blog
  • Best Treatments

    Simon Cowell
  • “Best reflexology in the universe”

    Poppy Delevigne


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