A day Retreat in the countryside of Nice

South of France    May 30, 2021


Rest, Refresh and Reset your nervous system after all the craziness of this 2020.





Connect to your body through the 5 senses with Pilates, Yoga and a transformative SURPRISE wellness workshop?

Nurture your emotional resilience and build a toolkit of calming self-regulating practices?

Enjoy wonderful healthy abundant food?

In the countryside of Nice you will find a hotel farm located on the steep hills of Saint-Jeannet nestled between oak and olive trees.

In an exceptional setting find a comfortable fully equipped indoor and a shaded outdoor practice space by the pool with stunning views. Allow yourself to reconnect with nature, practice yoga, pilates, eat healthy organic food from the garden and then enjoy the wonderful natural pool. 



What to expect?


10 am : Welcome and Start the day with a fresh organic detox juice or tea of your choice.

10:30 -12pm : Learn the 70 /30 rule . then put what we learned together in a 60 minute Cardio pilates class.

12-3pm : Fresh organic lunch, Detox juice and free time to enjoy the pool or book a 20 minute Reflexology session or massage. (limited space available for treatments)

3-4.pm: To end the day we will learn a short meditation and then immerse in a Yin yoga class, followed by mini booster foot reflexology during rest pose.





Hello all, here’s a little snippet of our wellbeing retreat for those of you who attended and for those who could not be there. 

This past year has been stressful, to say the least. A global pandemic struck us seemingly out of nowhere and we’ve had to adapt to a ‘new normal’ – which is as far from normal as you could get. I was inspired to create this retreat through  my own personal struggles learning to ride the Covid wave, one thing is for sure I learned how important nature is to us.

Wellbeing retreats can be wildly beneficial, probably in more ways than we even know how. By simply being in nature we can fine tune the senses and let ourselves ‘feel’ what we’re feeling allow ourselves to root into the present and not get caught up in what’s to come. By slowing down the breath and learning to breathe with purpose, we can tap into our parasympathetic nervous system (our rest and digest state) to ease away from anxiety and let the body and mind soften.


So our Saturday morning started with a descent into steep green hills towards the organic kitchen garden where we greeted by our host Isabella  and her team. Whilst the girls got our vitamin juices ready, guests where able to sample herbal tea’s harvested from the garden. Isabella makes her own magic herbal teas which aid with enhancing meditation, sleep, having more energy and relaxation. 

Our first class was cardio Pilates which started with a grounding meditation and closed with a little Qigong to help preserve our vital energy so we were not depleted after class.

Lunch a vegan feast for the eyes, taste buds and the soul, all freshly prepared using local and seasonal foods for detoxification, balancing the liver/gall bladder Qi and the digestive system.

Honestly, the lunch was so good I was looking forward to seconds whilst still eating! I was so happy to see you all all enjoying the food and so in awe of all the care and attention that was put into making our special lunch and juices.


What followed was a day of relaxation at the pool or exploring the herb garden and saying hello to the baby billie goat. Some of you made use of the infrared sauna or had reflexology and massage sessions. 

We then entered our final class, Yin Yoga which helped to open and balance the meridians in our body and reset our nervous system for the week ahead. 

Our special guest Yogadille closed the session with her beautiful singing bowls which drifted us into a deep sound meditation.




The goodies kept on coming and all of my guests skipped home with a fully stocked goodie bag (that I was pretty impressed with, if I do say so myself).

Thank you to all of the fabulous brands for supplying such amazing products and a special thank you to Vallia for her home made oils and body butters and to Angela for our Doterra Renew rollers that supported our Yin yoga class. I hope you enjoyed all your goodies!

We are currently working very hard on finding a special secret venue for our next retreat! Keep your eyes peeled and stay in touch on Instagram for all latest updates!