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Welcome to your Live Online Studio

There is no doubt that things have changed over the last few months, but if there’s one thing you can rely on, something that you know is unchanging, it is your practice.

Where ever you are in the world if you cannot get to a studio our  live online and home visit classes can help you on so many levels. 


Move with me

Yin yoga - Stretch

Enjoy a Yin class which releases physical, mental and emotional stress through passive supported stretches that encourage the parasympathetic nervous system to activate. Or a Yoga Nidra class which is an immensely powerful guided meditation technique.

Senses method yoga

Enjoy a sequence of classical readjusted Yoga poses tailored to your needs ,the use of the 5 Senses and Breath work  to harmonise our flow and ending with a deeply relaxing mini Reflexology session  during Savasana (rest pose).

Senses method pilates

Fire up your core with our signature Pilates session tailored to your needs , we will work on strength  mobility and flexibility  as well as increasing the heart rate with some cardio . We may use small equipment like weights a pilates elastic band and a small pilates ball.


Our breath is a super power that lives from inside us and we can learn to access it to feel calm and settled at anytime.Learn super power Yoga and Qigong postures where we learn to manage and approach unpleasant feelings in a calm, confident and loving way


For each trimester we will work on gentle, nurturing and supportive classes to strengthen your nervous system, increasing your stamina, practice birthing postures,  and train the body to enter into deep relaxation. We cover topics like leg cramps, lack of sleep and indigestion.


My classes have been designed to empower clients by involving them in their own healing and fitness journey through guided breathing  techniques, meditation and using nature as a catalyst. Learn to be your own best caregiver . You will be involved in a learning process about your physical & your emotional body & you will be given insight into how your body reacts to stimuli. We  can work on a  wide range of  goals, conditions & ailments, from aches & pains to wanting to get fitter to postpartum.


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