My Pregnancy Essentials: Chloe Delevingne

Chloes mama must haves!

Born and bred Londoner, and new mum Chloe Delevingne recently swapped city life for the peace and quiet of Gloucestershire, not without a weekly fix of the city though.

Let’s talk about Atticus. It’s a beautiful, strong name, what was the inspiration behind it?
My husband, Ed, came up with it, having studied ancient history it was a name that he just loved. Atticus’ middle name is Ned, after my late godfather. We were incredibly close.

You had an easy, relaxed pregnancy. Did you do anything to help this?
I went to these lovely antenatal classes with The Blooming Bunch, at Maggie & Rose. They were organised by the brilliant Beverley Turner, with the help of two midwives. We covered all aspects of birth including feeding and natal hypnotherapy, also it was a great opportunity to meet other mums. Maggie & Rose is like the Soho House for kids, and I will definitely be getting membership when Atticus is old enough. I had reflexology with Keah Lan towards the end of my pregnancy which made me feel really energised and balanced. I also religiously read The Baba Blog, for tips on what to expect. And I treated myself to a few mornings at Daylesford, an organic farm in Gloucestershire where they offer a great pregnancy programme consisting of yoga, massage and meditation. I loved the yoga and I am looking forward to getting back into it. My French Bulldog, Mouse, kept me company, I love her so, so much. Oh and one more thing, I had cravings for ribs, which the Rib Shack managed to satiate!

Did you discover any new products you couldn’t have done without?
Yes, everything by Mama Mio. During the pregnancy I rubbed their stretch-mark cream on my tummy every day, and I haven’t got one mark. I started using their face wash and moisturiser and am not planning on stopping. The products smell amazing and are totally natural. I’ve also started using Neil’s Yard products on Atticus, the Baby Balm is great, and I like Weleda Calendula cream. It’s not new, but I am obsessed with Jo Malone Red Roses candles – a classic.