Can Reflexology Benefit Children?

Whenever I go to see my clients for reflexology, their children will often watch with interest and wonder what is happening. They soon realise that this is something that mum or dad really looks forward to and so they want to try it too. This is how I started working with children from 10 months – 12 years old, giving then a 5 minute taster. Soon their eyes glaze over and you see them relax instantly.

Many parents will seek out complementary therapies for their children, and reflexology is particularly helpful as it is very gentle, noninvasive and very relaxing.

Small children are often intrigued that the feet can relate to points on the body, and just love their feet being massaged. Children also have tight shoulders or sore feet, but unlike us they just get on with it and might never mention it.

How can reflexology help:

  • Working on the reflex point for the diaphragm and solar plexus may bring about deeper sleeping patterns
  • Working softly on adrenal and solar plexus points may help to calm and soothe the mind and body.
  • Gently working on the adrenals may help with hyperactive children, it helps calm  their nervous system.
  • Working around the lungs, adrenals and solar plexus as well as immune system points like the spleen may help with respiratory blockages
  • Children who do lots of sports at school, like gymnastics or football, often have tight legs and sore feet, this helps to relax their limbs
  • Working the whole foot relaxes the whole body and allows your child to take time out, even if it is only 5 minutes.

I usually offer all my clients’ children a 10 minute taster, after that 20-30 minute sessions can be booked.