A space to Move, Breathe and Recalibrate


 This is your home to experience the magic of Wellbeing  and so much more.

A conscious and connected natural pathway towards better balance and transformation.

Promoting positive body awareness and mind
– through Senses conscious lifestyle.


We’re here to help you fine tune your immune system, giving your energy a boost, helping you to relax and sleep well.

Wake up with a sunrise meditation, sweat it out with cardio Pilates, or unwind with an evening Yoga flow. 

Happy New Year ! Benefit from our Promotions and discounts .

Experience the magic of Wellbeing  and so much more at our Reflexology practice in Monaco.


Discover a library of wellness workouts, to harmonise the 5 Senses.

Our workouts promote positive body awareness, healing mind, body and spirit – mastering the balance of subtle energies within you­.

conscious wellbeing for mind, body and spirit

As part of your treatment , we are looking at your unique symptom pattern.

At Senses, you’ll receive a 60 minute initial consultation which includes a reflexology treatment and a bespoke, guided wellbeing  plan.

Kind words

  • Best reflexology in the Universe

    Poppy Delevigne
  • Keah has been practicing Pilates and Yoga with me for over 6 years. I find her classes excellent. She is thorough and disciplined in her approach and has a wonderful, peaceful manner. I cannot recommend her more highly.”

    Rose Heyman
  • Best Treatments

    Simon Cowell
  • “Keah is a healer. Pure and simple. She’s the most excellent reflexologist I’ve ever met. She totally rebalances me and works on all areas I need, and more amazingly, those that I don’t even tell her about. She’s so sensitive she picks up on all of it.”

    Tamara Arbib - Rebel Kitchen
  • “Keah is the most wonderful, relaxing, spiritual therapist I know. I started seeing her many years ago before my children were born, throughout both pregnancies and now, as often as I possibly can.”

    Leo Bamford - MYBABA blog
  • “I first started having reflexology when I was a child and found it very calming. Keah was recommended to me by a number of friends. She allowed me to spend some time focusing on myself during pregnancy, giving me time to completely relax.”

    Chloe Delevigne


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